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Planned Giving Mentor

Wayne Olson, JD

Consulting Associate

(Eastern Division)

S. Renee Brida, JD

Senior Associate and Lawyer

(Western Division)

Professional Partnerships: Hospice Philanthropy Group L.L.C.


Notice to subscribers: This is the last of my newsletters. It has been published since 2007 with various format changes. The newsletter is ending to allow sufficient time to complete other major projects. Thanks for your interest and comments over the past 25 years of publication.

Quickie quiz:......How many American newspapers went out of business in the last 15 years (2005 to 2020)? A. 500, B. 855, C. 1,220, D. 2,100?......Answer Below.

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Bequest challenge campaign primer.....If you want to jump start your planned gift effort or do a mini-campaign for planned gift consider the multiple benefits of a Legacy Challenge effort.

  • A legacy challenge creates a sense of urgency for planned gift donors to document and disclose their gifts now.
  • It also inspires more giving, greater participation and a higher average gift.
  • It provides cash today and legacies tomorrow.
  • It provides the incentive because of the matching cash gift.
  • it is a time sensitive program similar to a capital campaign.
  • it is effective and repeatable at any time when there is a lull in your fund-raising.

I created an 11 page primer with illustrations and examples for clients. It contains suggested formats to consider for your own campaign.

A campaign may not be right for you today. Save the primer to be considered in futrure camapigns. It can create a magical ending to a strong successful capital campaign.

LINK to Legacy Challenge Primer.


Get your documents in a Row.....It is a catchy title but housekeeping for the new year is extremely important. Fundraisers aiming to fulfil donor's wishes need to understand the their entire estate plan. An estate plan involves many documents. Cannon Financial February newsletter has an excellent article by Miles J. McHale, Jr on the five legal documents which should be reviewed to protect families, spouses, partners and charities.

Beginning with a Letter of Wishes and ending with Beneficiary forms for Qualified Plans & IRAs I recommend this document as a simple handout you can leave as a self-examination exercise with prospects.

LINK to "Get your documents in a Row".


12 States that don't tax your retirement distribuitons.....John Waggoner writing for AARP details how states tax retirement distributions for various retirement plans. Nine of the states do not have income taxes at all and receive their support from other fees and taxes.

Donors considering an IRA rollover or Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCD) may think twice about using this strategy.

Marketing Idea #1...Give Your Bank Account a Break is the catchy headline for a full page back cover of a publication ofthe Foundation of FirstHealth's recent full page advertisement on using non-cash assets to support their mission. The copy discusses the advantages of IRA-QCDs and gifts of appreciated assets.

LINK to First Health advertisement.



Marketing Idea #2....FreeWill full page promotion impact results....Gwinnett Medical Center Foundation a client of promoted the free service in a full back page promotion of their publication "Giving Matters" mailed to all donors and prospects. The copy promotes the free service as one of the ways prospects may direct their assets to loved ones and charity.

Prospects must decide how they will distribute their life's work - 1. Who will I give to?; 2. How will I give?; and 3. When will I give?. The FreeWill service has been productive resulting in over $12,000,000 in future commitments.

The Foundation's web site index page also has a link to the FreeWill service.

LINK to promotional advertisement


2021 Federal Tax Guide download.....Cannon Financial Institute a recognized leader in professional financial services development has available a free download (PDF) of their 2021 Federal Tax Guide.

Consider this as a valuable addition to your website. It may be helpful for prospects and professionals involved in your charitable estate planning efforts.

LINK to Federal Tax Guide


Create a Virtual Planned Giving Office for less than $10 per day.....Our basic Telephone Lite service provides an economical service with less risk and greater technical expertise from our team's decades of experience identifying, planning, solicitation and completing planned gift agreements.

  • Outsourcing expertly handles the technical side of planning giving while the development staff can concentrate on building donor relationships
  • There is no software to purchase
  • Two hours of telephone support per month
  • Board and volunteer support
  • Uncover your best bequest prospects
  • No risk gift annuity program using gift annuity reinsurance strategies
  • Bequest society brochure and promotional samples
    IRA rollover gift promotion samples
  • Master marketing plan for first two years optional donor visit solicitation activities and support at additional discounted on-site support fees
  • Six month minimum engagement at $1,800 payable in advance

Download Virtual Flyer here - Download "What a planned giving consultant can do for you" here


MD Anderson "The Legacy" winter & spring & Summer issues....I continue to be impressed by the quality and thought that "The Legacy" their periodic newsletter on planned gift options illustrates. The winter issue features several important impact areas. It has a mission driven story of a researcher who made his own legacy gift. It discusses the commitment of the founder MD Anderson. I lists three ways to make an immediate impact gift. I suggests readers consider a charitable gift annuity while offering a free brochure on "Planning now, give later."

LINK to The Legacy winter issue.

The spring issue has a story of an IRA bequest, legacy shaping opportunities and life income arrangements.

LINK to The Legacy spring issue.

The Summer issue: check out page 4 to see who gets when when an individual dies and the power of beneficiary designations to help charity.

LINK to The Legacy summer issue.


The American Council on Gift Annuities (ACGA) announced new rates

Below is my standing offer to provide a laminated gift annuity rate chart using the new rates.

Gift annuity rate update and laminated gift annuity rate charts.....If you would like a laminated rate chart for the most recent ACGA July 1, 2020 rates simply request one using the following E-Mail request and put Laminated Rate Chart in the subject line and be sure your signature line has your full address.


Nursing Home Abuse Justice.....Link added Check out Helpful Links...Nursing Home Abuse Justice was founded to expose the epidemic of abuse and neglect in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Each year, tens of thousands of nursing home residents are seriously injured or die in facilities that promise to care for them. Our mission is to stop the abuse and end the cycle driven by negligence and greed. Anyone who abuses a senior citizen in a nursing home or assisted living facility needs to be held accountable for their sinister actions.


Quiz Answer....GETTING ACCURATE INFORMATION - Over the 15 years from 2005 to 2020 - 2,100 American newspapers went out of business (source: University of North Carolina Hussman School of Journalism and Media).


News and Notes....TOP TEN AND EVERYONE ELSE - The top 10% of US taxpayers in tax year 2018 made at least $152,000 in adjusted gross income (AGI), received 48% of all AGI nationwide and paid 71% of all federal income tax (FIT) collected for the 2018 tax year. The bottom 90% of US taxpayers in tax year 2018 made less than $152,000 in AGI, received 52% of all AGI nationwide and paid 29% of all FIT collected for the 2018 tax year (source: IRS)

DIFFERENCE OF OPINION - Rock superstar Prince died on 4/21/16, leaving an estate that was valued (for estate tax purposes) at $82 million. The IRS has challenged the valuation techniques utilized by his administrator, upping the estate value at Prince’s death to $163 million. The IRS is asking for an additional $39 million in estate taxes and penalties above what Prince’s estate has already paid (source: IRS).

END OF LIFE - 2,839,000 Americans died in 2018. 2,855,000 Americans died in 2019. An estimated 3,271,000 Americans died in 2020 (source: Center for Disease Control).


Kudos Corner - Celebrating gifts of all types and sizes

In this section I periodically highlight some recent gift expectancies and gift program elements I think will be helpful and informative, not all gifts are included.

Jason Chandler President of the Gwinnett Medical Center Foundation (see above Marketing 2), secured a $198,738 highly appreciated security funded charitable gift annuity from a donor age 99. This is the third six-figure annuity from this tax-smart donor who is planning on giving all her money away to charity during her lifetime.

Sharon Jones, VP Vice President for Development Haven Hospice Foundation received a $250,000 endowment for brevement care services for children from a 94 year old donor who also has 2 charitable gift annuities. This confirms your best donors are your current donors and CGA donors do make significant outright gifts.

Sharon also receive a $25,000 spendable term endowment to support nursing service scholarships for a retired Dr. and his spouse.


James E. Connell and Associates is a national consulting service which has been devoted to increasing

resources for charities using the power of charitable estate and gift planning techniques for over 40 years.

Pinehurst office: PO Box 3335, Pinehurst, NC 28374
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