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Your worth consists of what you are not what you have....Thomas Edison

"MAY YOU LIVE IN INTERESTING TIMES" an old blessing or curse as the case may be. The country has a new President and soon will have new tax policies. The financial markets are in turmoil, credit markets are severely constrained, real estate values are declining, individual net worth is threatened in many ways. The world is filled with this doom and gloom and surprisingly this may be the best of times to expand your planned gifts efforts. Is there a silver lining for your planned giving program? I believe so and in this an upcoming issues will be reviewing some of the benchmark activities program should review or initiate to keep the future assets for your charity flowing.________________________________________________________________________________________________

Non-Cash Gifts on the Rise...according to Barlow Mann of the Sharpe Group (Give and Take, July, 2008). Citing the recently released IRS statistics for 2005 charitable contributions over 25 million taxpayers who itemized deductions reported over $41 billion in charitable gifts of non-cash assets. Non-cash assets include stocks, mutual funds, life insurance, real estate, corporate stock holdings, land, art and other holdings. The marketing point is planned gift programs do not talk enough about the opportunities for idividuals to search through their holdings and use other assets for charitable gifts. While these assets may take more work to complete the gifting process your program will be of service to both the donor(s) and your endowment efforts. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Remember why people give.....In a time when the attitude is one of doom and gloom it is good to review the basics of why people give and volunteer. This forces a program to center itself on the foundation of philanthropic efforts. Here are 10 simple motivations to remember: 1) Feel obligation to those who have less; 2) Sense of personal satisfaction; 3) Serve as example to others; 4) Fulfill a business or community obligation; 5) Create a remembrance of family or self; Religious belief or commitment; 6) They are asked; 7) Expect a future benefit or favor from the organization or from the asker; 8) Tax considerations and deductions; 9) Enhance public image by affiliation with the cause or the organization; 10)Encourage by employer or other peer group. I am sure you have more to contribute, so them them along and I will mention next month. ______________________________________________________________________________________________

IRA rollover option.....By now everyone should be familiar with the IRA rollover opportunity signed by President Bush as part of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. It permits IRA owners age 70 1/2 by December 31st to gift up to $100,000 directly to charity and not have the gift count as income. This option is available for both 2008 and 2009. There is no income tax deduction. For a profile of the IRA rollover option and a summary of prospect categories I have prepared a short IRA Power Point presentation suitable for professional advisor and board education. ______________________________________________________________________________________________

End of year gift strategies every advisor can suggest to clients.....Each year I prepare year end gift strategies for professional advisor groups. It covers 10 basic and advanced techniques. Gift annuity strategies are featured. For a PDF file click this link. __________________________________________________________________________________

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