May 2007 Newsletter

Click this link for your April 2007 issues of Planned Giving Mentor in PDF format.This issue covers ides for "Non-Cash Gifts" which covers the following topics: Gifts of Publicly Traded Securities, Personal Property, Real Estate and Life Insurance Gifts.

My article on Gifts of Real Estate appears in this issue and a subsequent article on "Appraising Real Estate" will appear in the next issue. A complete collection of past authored PG Mentor articles along with other useful items check out Planned Giving Mentor

Future speeking engagements

AHP Mid-Atlantic, Williamsburg, VA ,May 6-8

AHP Southeast, Chattanooga, TN, June 3-5

AHP Madison Institute, Madison, WI, July 14-19

AHP International, Philadelphia, PA, October 3-7


Tidbits to keep in mind.......
Health can doom retirement plans --- A Fidelity Investment study indicates that while 63% of today's workers plan to work in retirement, they shouldn't count on making up for inadequate savings by doing so, since such plans are often doomed by unexpected health problems. The study found the typical working American is saving at a rate to replace about 58% of income in retirement, but that figure factors in private savings, Social Security benefits and pensions.
What is our oldes state?--- If you said Maine with an average age of 41.2 years you are correct. The youngest is Utah with an average age of 29.5 years. Typical eastern retirement states like Florida (rank 6) and South Carolina (rank 26) are older than the western retirement state of Arizona (rank 47).

What do you get for $100,000 in a commercial annuity?-- That depends on interest rates. Here's the monthly payment from an immediate joint and survivor lifetime annuity for a husband and wife both age 65, purcahsed in May of each year.

1998-$754, 1990-$803, 2000-$647, 2004-$578, and 2006-$584

A charitable gift annuity would be $560, plus an income tax deduction of $32,071 and tax free income for an effective rate of 7.34%.

Jane Isay new book “Walking on Eggshells: Navigating the Delicate Relationship Between Adult Children and Parents” covers many of the dilemmas faced by baby boomers when they have their parents care on one side and children on the other. Excellent reading, available from Amazon.

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