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Local flavor....It is almost Labor Day the official start of the Fall fund raising season. But wait a minute in the Villiage of Pinehurst this week was US Amateur week, starting with a field of 315 player we had a match play winner on Sunday. New Zealand's teen age golfer Danny Lee (18), he was younger than Tiger Woods when he won, completed a 36 hole match play winning 5 and 4 over Florida State sophomore Drew Kittleson. As the resort says, "It is a beautiful day in Pinehurst." ___________________________________________________________________________________

Oil, gas and mineral rights gifts...Every charity is offered unique and hard to value gift. When you are offered oil, gas, or mineral rights what do you do to monetize the gift? You may wish to consult a marketplace that facilitates the sale of producing working interests for such gifts. The site offers auctions and negotiations for qualified investors and it runs continuously. I have added this link to the Helpful Links section of my web site. ___________________________________________________________________________________

To be our work we should remember the recent quote by G. Roger Schoenhals, Editor of both Planned Giving Today and Planned Giving Mentor, "To be most effective in our work as planned giving professionals we must become men and women of encouragement. We must learn how to ignore negative words and listen intently to words that life and encourage." This is most effective in dealing with older individuals who may have lots to complain about. ___________________________________________________________________________________

Gift Annuity Best Practices...The American Council on Gift Annuities has a free resource available which lists 14 best practice items for a gift annuity program's success. It is avalable free from their web site and at the following link. One key point is the strength of the gift annuity reserve will add significantly to the credibility and financial integrity of the organization's gift annuity program. ___________________________________________________________________________________

Are you ready for the redesigned IRS Form 990?...There has been countless press about the new requirements of IRS Form 990 and the increased reporting required by charities on governance, management and financial reporting. All fund raisers should become familiar with the requirements as I suspect an increasing number of major donors will ask to examine this form as they decide on which organizations deserve their support. IRS Form 990 is now available thru a link in the IRS Download section of my web site along with access to the complete instructions. ____________________________________________________________________________________

Is your fund raising UP or DOWN?...Charitable giving is high on the priority list of many donors and is by no means the first thing they cut in times of economic slowdown, reports Robert F. Sharpe, Jr. in the August 2008 issue of Give and Take. There could not be a better time to encourage individuals to consider a annuity agreement which will increase an individuals income and decrese their taxes while expressing support for your organization. Remember individuals are changing and revisiting will and other plans every week and it is therefore important to keep providing information on ways to make gift planning part of their decision matrix. ____________________________________________________________________________________


Everyone needs a helpful IRS site...and one of the most helpful to your professional advisor groups may be the recently published IRS Bulletin no. 2008-30. This lists the IRS approved wording for Charitable remainder unitrusts, annuity trusts and lead trusts. I have made the Bulletin link a permanent part of the IRS downloads section of my web site. Marketing suggestion download a sample of the Bulletin and copy and send the link to each member of your professional advisor e-mail list. __________________________________________________________________________________

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